How does this work?

The notary public will receive your document and upload it to the signing platform.

You will then receive a link to verify your identification. Follow the link to upload the images of your state ID and answer security questions.

Once your identity is verified, you will receive a link to follow to meet your notary via webcam and electronically sign your document.

The entire session will be recorded and saved as you and the notary public sign together.

When your session is complete, you will instantly receive an e-mail containing the notarized document set.

What do I need to download?

You will not need to download anything. Just make sure you have a webcam, microphone, and the latest operating system updated on your computer. Run Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Others will not work. The web browser Chrome works best.

How do you verify my identification?

Knowledge Based Authentication (KSA) is used for identification confirmation. This is a state requirement because the notary cannot hold, bend, and inspect a physical copy of the signer’s identification. You have probably encountered KSA before. KSA requires that five security questions can be generated based on history found using social security number, credit report, and state-issued ID.

For example, you may be asked past addresses or the amount of your car payment. A minimum of five questions must be generated. Generally, five years of credit history are required to meet this threshold. If your credit reports are frozen or locked for any reason, KSA will not function. Four out of five questions must be answered correctly within two minutes. Two attempts can be made within 24 hours.

For KSA to work, you must:
-be a U.S. Citizen
-have a social security number
-have a U.S. mobile phone number
-have an e-mail that is NOT a Yahoo or Hotmail address
-hold a driver’s license or other state-issued ID (Passport will NOT work)

You must take a photo of your ID during the process. It must be straight on, not an angle. No flash, in good lighting, and the photo must be clear.

What happens after I pass the ID verification?

Our online notarization appointment can move forward. You will receive a link in your e-mail to follow at your appointment time. During your session, we will each turn on our microphones and webcams to see and speak with each other over the signing platform. The notary will ask to view your ID, ask you to state your name, and ask you a few questions to determine that you are able and willing to sign your document.

Your online notary will then apply her digital certificate signature and electronic stamp to complete your notarization. The webcam connection ends immediately once the notarization is complete. You instantly receive an e-mail with the completed document.

Can I do it on my phone?

It is not recommended. A computer or laptop will probably save you time and provide a smoother experience. The speed and reliability of your connection really matters.

Audio and video is uploading and downloading as you review and sign documents. That’s a lot of data! Receiving a simple text could be the tipping point that disrupts your transmission over the signing platform. Then the signing platform will drop everyone and you will have to start all over.

That said, several customers have successfully signed using only a smartphone. The best results were with Chrome as the default browser on the phone.

There are two of us who need to sign. Can we sign together?

If multiple people are signing remotely, you must have a separate e-mail and device for each signer. Couples, including married couples, cannot share a webcam nor microphone.

Each signer must have an individual computer or device, working audio, a microphone, and webcam. The browser on your device is important. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari will work. Linux, Internet Explorer, or Opera will not work. Chrome works best!

My webcam is not working, but I can hear. What is wrong?

If your webcam is "attached" to another program, like Zoom or Facebook Messenger, you will need to "release" it in your settings so the signing platform can access the webcam to use during our session.

My internet is pretty good. How good does it have to be?

Internet speeds must be 3 mbps and reliable. A cell phone receiving e-mails and texts during signing session will likely drop as the connection is not steady/reliable. A computer or laptop will offer the smoothest experience as you sign.